Websites and Branding
A beautifully crafted brand and website that enhances your school
Our own design studio

At Qore we've gathered a team of enthusiastic and talented designers and developers. Motivated by the sheer love of their work, Qore strives to help you realise your dreams. Qore is a full-service design studio and a mighty good one at that.


Be it your website, product or your brand, there needs to be a justification for a customer to choose you over others. At Qore, they constantly struggle to push the boundaries, and occasionally remake them, to get their clients the image they need to realise their full potentials. It’s very easy to tweak an existing model, but they don’t believe in making it easy for themselves. They put themselves out there and make you something truly distinctive.


What’s better than getting incredibly talented people to work on your brand? Getting those very same people to love your brand and try and ensure that it succeeds in the same way as if it were their own. Whether it’s a fledging business looking for an identity to define who and what they are, or an established organisation needing a revamp to their aging look; The guys over at Qore try their very best to produce the best results for each respectively.