Servers and Networks
All types of server solutions offered. From procurement to security.
Suiting your individual needs
Servers form an integral part of any network. A properly configured server can make your network secure, productive and versatile. Unfortunately like with smart phones, most of the server features are often not utilised. This can be due to ignorance or just sheer laziness. Our engineers will ensure that your servers run at optimal efficiency and are utilised to their full potential. We do everything from procurement, installation configuration, management to network integration, optimisation and security.

At QIT we now offer a Server Solution service which is specifically designed with your school in mind. We understand the type of networks employed by nurseries, primaries and junior schools, and as such have designed server solutions which suite your schools individual needs.

What we don't do is try to get you to buy elaborate solutions when you may only have the need for a basic server. We do however give advice and ensure that the server solution you purchase will not only be the best value for money but also future proof for at least 3 to 5 years. Server solutions are often sold or leased to schools with the idea of supplying hardware which will never really be utilised, however at the same time will need upgrading in the very near future. This invariably involves consultancy charges, cost for parts and installation, possible reconfiguration etc…
How we play the game
At QIT Solution we don’t believe in such tactics and treat others the way we would like to be treated. Our solutions take everything in to consideration, from your budget, need, use of, aspirations, future expansion, and even your own personal preference.

We mainly supply hardware from Dell and HP. The reason for using these vendors is past experience. Their service is what we consider to be the best overall when comes to after sales service. We have no affiliation with any hardware or software supplier and aim to stay independent of such constraints.

Our consultant would book an appointment with your school, evaluate your current network, identify exactly what you need and want from the new server setup, and then provide a quote; the quote we provide will be designed to fit your school needs like a glove. We will only sign of the installation as complete when your school has used the server solution trouble free for a fortnight.
We're in it together

We aim to give your school the same level of service businesses expect when it comes to professionalism and results. We wont try and bore/impress/mislead you with technical jargon, or try and scare you into purchasing software which is not relevant to your school.

Our support services are excellent value for money and ensure that your network will be protected and cared for allowing you to concentrate on your important role of providing excellent state if the art facilities for our children’s development. After all, that is what we all want.