Complete tailor made IT services package, just for your school.
So much more. Consistently.
Every school is different and so is each of our contracts. Built specifically for your establishment.

With contractual support, we do not tie your school down by any long term tie in clauses. If for any reason you are not happy with the services QIT provides, you will be free to withdraw from the contract with no penalties etc. Or simply sign up for our monthly rolling contract.
Some Benefits
We try to ensure you always deal with the same engineer/engineers.
Our engineer/engineers will be punctual and professional in every aspect of their roles.
You will have your engineers' contact details, if you need to contact them in an emergency.
Your School will be assigned a dedicated Account manager.
Your hardware will be regularly maintained and upgraded if needed, after consultation.
No extra work outside of the contract will be carried out without prior written authorisation from your school.
You will receive reports and advice about any foreseeable issues.
Free consultancy services whilst in contract.
In your shoes
It is in our interest to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is properly documented. We aim to provide your School with a friendly yet professional service based on trust and competence. Finally, for your peace of mind, we offer you our unique money back scheme.