Cloud and Backup
Protect your vital and irreplacable data from any eventuality.
No compromises
The last thing anyone wants is to have their backup media compromised. With QIT your school can have a specifically customised managed backup solutions designed to ensure you will have access to important data as, when and where ever you require. We offer your school onsite/offsite/cloud based or bespoke solutions which will ensure you have seamless backup solutions.

There is no escaping, the cloud is everywhere. The benefits of moving your servers into the cloud are numerous from lower energy and security costs to ease of access, scalability, up gradation and disaster recovery solutions. As more and more schools are moving key services into the cloud, QIT can offer your school all levels of cloud migration.

We offer our clients solutions which will be scalable, future proof and also workable and realistic in all cases from expansion to disaster recovery. A good way to sum up our approach would be that we offer the best in public and private cloud solutions seamlessly integrated with the traditional onsite installation into what we term as the QIT Cloud.

For more on the benefits of cloud migration and what we can do for you, just give us a call.