Cloud Services
There's no escaping it. It's the future. We can bring it to your business.
Up there and everywhere
There is no doubt about it! Cloud technology is the future. More and more companies in Europe are realising the huge benefits of cloud migration and as a result are looking at the most effective way to migrate. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that all companies can of course benefit from some form of cloud computing.

We do not however believe that companies need to move their entire infrastructure over to a cloud service provider, in fact we advise against such an approach. The reason for this is that each client is unique and as such their IT infrastructure and requirements are also unique. Not everybody is comfortable with handing over all aspects of their infrastructure over to a cloud services provider, nor should they be.

We offer our clients solutions which will be scalable, future proof and also workable and realistic in all cases from expansion to disaster recovery. A good way to sum up our approach would be that we offer the best in public and private cloud solutions seamlessly integrated with the traditional onsite installation into what we term as the QIT Cloud.

For more on the benefits of cloud migration and what we can do for you, just give us a call.